About Political House

Political House is a Social media Platform for the lovers of politics in Nigeria. On Political House you can support the Party of your choice or support no-party and you can change your party as well. You Have a say in this Politics, so let your voice be heard, Share your views, Opinion, Delibrate, Support, Approve, Campaign, Ask Question.

How political House works

  Support a party of your choice or support no party. Share your views, opinions with other Party members by creating your Topic (Topic title and content)

  Vote for topic, comment on topics by Upvoting (support the topic) or Downvoting (against the topic). Delibrate and let your vote count, get politicking

  Flag News Pages (same as like page) of your choice, Politics page, Sport page, Career Talk, Business etc. You can also create your own news page for users to flag or find news by one click on News menu.

  Share topics on your party page from home or vise-versa know the figures of supporters in each party from National level to the State level, top supported parties in each states

What will interest you about Political House

Social media with Politics in the Bigger picture.


Change your Party, Defect to another Party anonymously, monitor party switch, change your residence


Push your campaign with political House either on Political Campaign or Campaign Board, support campaigns


Relate your question to the public to delibrate on and get answers to your question

I'm in. Keep me alerted.

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